Do it Yourself Bungee

Looks like a solid bungee installation ain't it? Wanna jump next? ;P

Sketchy Ice Creams

He really tried! Enjoy.

Winter activities in Magadan

There is nothing more fun than jumping off five-story buildings, isn't it? Enjoy.

Simpsons Couch Gag Intro

It's not like they point at society. Enjoy.

Pivot - shortfilm animation

Nice little short that somehow hints to infinity. Enjoy.

Charlie Brooker - How To Report The News

This one is fun, enjoy the formula of making "good" news!

Drift - motion or stopmotion?

I somehow like this one. Enjoy!

CANON Commercial - Freeze Tag

Just emphesizes that photography is all about playing. Or maybe not? (Shoot it!) Enjoy.

Polar Bear - climate change

Shocking video to raise awareness on the effect of planes on global warming. Brilliant, how they communicate two good reasons at once. Enjoy!

8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE!

Nice little stopmotion in, guess what the old 8bit style. Enjoy!